Rules and Regulations [READ BEFORE SIGN UP]

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Rules and Regulations [READ BEFORE SIGN UP]

Post by Psilent on Fri Nov 20, 2015 7:28 pm

I'm pretty lenient when it comes to Rules and Regs, so here are the ten commandments for the forum!

1. No Spamming - We all know what it is. Just don't do it. You will be warned and banned.

2. No Flaming - I refer you to the previous statement.

3. Advertising - Whilst I don't mind you advertising your websites and projects on the forum (that's part of the purpose for the site!), don't do it excessively. If you want to advertise your website, please leave a post on the 'General Talk' section. Do not put multiple posts.

4. Swearing - Again, I don't mind users using the odd word here and there. Excessive users will be warned and banned though.

5. Malicious Content - Do not post malicious content (ie. gore, pornography, etc). Posting anything of this nature will result in a PERMANENT BAN. No ifs, no buts.

6. Begging for Mod - Do not beg the Administrators for Moderator/Admin positions. Remember when you used to say to your Mum or Dad "I want some candy" and they would turn around and say "I want never gets!". Same rule applies.

7. Abuse - Do not be abusive to other users and try to be respectful. Healthy debate is encouraged but if you start cracking mum jokes at the expense of your opponent, disciplinary action will be taken.

8. Necroing - This is more of an inconvenience more than anything; one that Admins and Mods alike do not like to have to address. Don't Necro posts. Just don't. (The point where a post becomes a 'necro' is after 1 month of inactivity on that post).

9. Huge Signatures - For the love of God, do not post something ridiculously huge or profound in your signature area. If you do, you may be banned. If its just something extremely annoying to someone reading your post, its likely the Administration will remove it and leave it at that.

10. Have a good time! - Its clich├ęd I know, but hey, we've got to have one cheesy fella, right?


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